The internet is a profound source of knowledge. The much you delve deeper, the much you are exploited for choice. Digital marketing is the latest fad among the e-commerce giants who task the internet to do the marketing on their behalf. Gone are the days of billboarding, digital marketing is clocking phenomenal growth with days on end.

There are, however some blogs that make the understanding easier so that you can mend your own techniques. The blogs are ascribed to Digital media professionals who guide, educate and enlighten you. While these blogs proved their mettle as chart-toppers, bookmarking and paying routine visits can widen your grip over the matter.

Kissmetrics Blog

Kiss Metrics Blog

This blog guides you in the most professional way. They have a distinct analytical viewpoint which goes to the bottom of things. The best catch of the website is the beautifully designed infographics. Besides having an array of useful design marketing guides, they throw light on digital marketing statistics.

Other subjects like e-mail marketing, social media and customer analytics are also dealt with. You can look up to them for writing your own articles and design you campaign proposal toeing their line.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner

All the social media related queries are met here. They lay before you an array of useful assistances that include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+,  Pinterest et al. They also excel in media strategizing and including expert reviews. Besides, there are innovative case studies, reviews of latest industry research, podcasts to shape your thought some better.

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Moz Blog


Unleashing the SEO moz in you is the key to digital promotion. You may need inspiration and who else but this blog you want to turn to? They are a permanent fixture in SEO strategizing scene inundating you with newest methods fads for content strategy and relationship building.

The mechanics behind strong SEO building is well understood through this blog. The step-by-step guides are helpful and pathologically smart.

Google Analytics – Occam’s Razor

Occam’s Razor Blog

It is ascribed to Avinash Kaushik who authored two bestselling books such as ‘Web Analytics 2.0’ and ‘Web Analytics: An Hour a Day’. It contains an array of blog posts dealing with the dynamics of Google analytics. There is exhaustive hair-splitting over qualitative analysis, competitive intelligence analysis, analytical tips, web metrics and much more.

You can dig some educating advanced Google analytics tricks to help boost your website’s performance.

Content Marketing institute

Content Marketing institute


Content marketing is an industry in itself. Delivering original and qualitative content accentuates your business. Hence, this website guides you thoroughly into the content industry’s benchmarks, budgets and trends.

The articles keep you informed with the up-to-the-minute content marketing events as well. This teaches you to architect your content in a manner that it is compelling and no-nonsense.

Marketing Land

Marketing Land


Like I said before, Digital Marketing and content marketing is an industry on its own. There are major occurrences too in the industry. The blog called Marketing Land scoops out stories and breaking news about Digital Marketing industry and brings forth. Besides, there are practical tips and strategies to be used in your own digital marketing campaign.

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Some subject matter experts are tipped in to write informative blog posts as well. Like reading newspaper feeds fat your general knowledge, they have general knowledge of a different sort which helps escalate your business.