Google App Beta Testers Redesign

Google’s search app is one of the most downloaded app programs by the app users in the Google Play Shop, with well over 1 billion downloads and 5 million reviews. Additionally, it is a program we do not pay a lot of attention to, however. Mainly as it’s on every Android mobile and we have a tendency to stay to the search bar gadget, as opposed to really going to the program, but the most recent upgrade that is rumoured might entice you to enter the Google program more frequently.


Image Source: Usabilitygeek

Google team is testing a brand new user interface nowadays, which will make the app a lot more user-friendly for locating things, both within and on-line your mobile.

This upgrade is turning up for beta testers using variant on Android 6.0.1, however, it appears not everybody is getting it yet, which may indicate it’s being empowered through a server change, as opposed to a real program upgrade.

The brand new interface shows a number of tablatures categorising your search results page. All these are labelled much like the homepage of Google.

There are tabs for All, Images, Maps, In Apps, News, Shopping, Videos, Shopping, and much more. You can do so by becoming a google beta tester, clicking on the link below in the section that you are not signed up for the Google beta software. We’re not seeing the changes just now.
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